Woah is me

people are crazy in a media sandstorm and the man’s scorn on innocence is only breeding ignorance hate and hazy ideals coming out of minds of misinformed backwater back washed freaks that need to back the hell away…. Very very quickly!

We need, well at least I’m praying for a spiritual sit down pretty soon because I don’t know what else to do and this warfare has got to stop, lop it off, finish it off with some cops and hope that would be top darn fair dinkum tops I’ve had it.

Imagine (WOW) passive adventurous hatred. No pain, just exploration “why? Why do I hate them? Do I need to?” Those questions! Are they that hard to ask! Just say out loud or in bed “is it actually something in my subconscious? So heavy that I can’t find it in my totally average heart to find compassion?” Then you wouldn’t bomb a child and her parents just because this world is insane.

that would be my dream.

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