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Month: March 2018


My blood soaked heart is pumping beauty. Love is endowed in my loins. My shoulders hold up a volcano of emotion My mouth is pursed meaning it’s full of coins that nobody wants any meaning behind my back is stabbed slightly beside my spine. And a dull ache sits above my brow as the devils own hand flips a coin against them. every minute you can expect at least a slight with me. Goodness wants me but the devil needs me. Goodness wouldn’t pressure because goodness just is. So easy… Read more Goodness

Every Second Counts

Every second counts Mike wakes up and doesn’t give himself a second. Brews a coffee and has a shower. He walks around the house drying himself off and picking his clothes for the day. He pushes the plunger down whilst taking only that moment to smell the coffee. Before tainting it with cold water and downing it like a glass of water after a long day in the hot sun. Every second counts. And you all know that he’s not going to properly say goodbye to his house. Empty cups… Read more Every Second Counts