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Month: April 2018

We are no more less than

We’re more than a no more bigger than. If you understand, I could face my views due East towards the sunset. But it will probably circle right back onto myself, like a dog chewing its tail. Or a goldfish trapped in a bowl Or a regular human being working day to day in some shitty dead end job whilst they believe if they probably just had a little more backbone, or motivation, or style they might succeed. Succeed how? Like get a promotion now? Get a better job now? Go… Read more We are no more less than

I’m good, honest.

I have read all day. I have cooked a nice breakfast. I have paid my bills. You think of the rapid world, that’s nowhere near me. I can barely hear a motor, it’s peaceful here, see. My dog is nice company, I don’t think I will ever be alone again. I am surrounded by love each day I don’t think I will reach for a stone again. There are flies buzzing outside, but thats probably my dogs bones. Credit recieved where credit is due. I wish they would leave me… Read more I’m good, honest.

Brand new idea

is it a brand new idea? I see myself in the mirror, branded with a subjective journey. Is it worth anything? I can see myself in the jaded eyes of every human I meet, is this worth anything? Awake, for real this time, I love starting a story off with a brand new day. Get with it and he’s brushing his teeth, ready for it all! Not excited but he’s ready, ready for action… and that’s exciting. Get with it, he’s jumping up and down on his metaphorical bed, breaking… Read more Brand new idea

Bad Day

Sullen morning, empty nights. I’m ripping my brain out of my skull. Good morning dying urges. You know, the ones that tell you to fight. Splinters deepening their tendrils into my hands. Flies giving me a chance to surrender. always reminding me of what I have to lose. You know, the only asset is a plan. Morose all over. Aching shoulders, hanging from my neck. Is this really what we should be scared of. You know, we can’t be this sombre.

Past Life

As Mikey walks through his past life he stumbles across the old two-story dive bar he used to work at. 20 dollars an hour to deep fry prawns in the back and drink cocktails with customers. What a job. He begins to walk upstairs and accidentally catches the eye of a beautiful woman sitting with four self-important fellows; he winks and finishes his graceful climb up the carpeted stairs. Feeling glares penetrate the back of his neck, “believe it Mikey, they noticed that.” Mikey begins walking towards the toilet, no… Read more Past Life