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Month: May 2018


Grinning with satisfaction The easel is empty, holding up air Growling with ambition. The palletes paint has dried. Its up on the wall you see, your fondness of life. Up there with the joys of laughter and moments of serenity. It sticks out because it’s the last thing you painted and you used bold colours, bolder than the rest at least.

Chonza- Chapter 1: Crisis

A dull morning, the sun, like always, was covered by smog and acid rain clouds, “you wouldn’t know it was there if you were born yesterday” Jacobs’ would always say. You wouldn’t know anything if you were born yesterday, Michael thought, At least that was his general impression from all the newborns he has ever met, though he has only met one. It was Michaels’ impression that Jacobs isn’t very smart. The fertility of humans (and all animals for that matter) is so bleak that the population of all living… Read more Chonza- Chapter 1: Crisis

Modernising Workers Compensation in WA

As we speak, the Western Australian government is drafting a new bill to make Workers Compensation a more accessible law. Delivering on an election commitment, the McGowan government looks to utilise public consultation to modernise workers compensation in Western Australia. It looks like this bill will be introduced into parliament by the end of 2018, provided there are no hiccups along the way. The bill will be developed in consideration to the WorkCover WA’s Review of the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981. This is a long time to… Read more Modernising Workers Compensation in WA

Folk Bands Acolytes- Episode 1

I apologise for the improper format, It is hard to copy and paste a script from PDF. Season One, Episode One: Rodney By Max Larkin SCENE ONE: 1 EXT. TOWN (TBA)/ DAY- Old mining town pretty much dead empty. A mediocre folk band is rehearsing in a garage. (INTRODUCTION OF CHARACTER MONTAGE) 2 INT. DINGY HOUSE / DAY- Walt, the dedicated singer and guitarist of the band is smoking a cigarette and writing. 3 EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET / NIGHT -Diggs, the lost drummer is walking home alone while drinking alcohol.… Read more Folk Bands Acolytes- Episode 1

H, S, K & T

As stomachs rumble over the east, and eye sockets shrink so eyeballs stare While the lungs have taken in all the air and are refusing to breathe out. As shoulders have forgotten how to twist, and hands have gotten so large they grip hell While ice fills the mouths of the forgotten, turning into water while freezing their teeth. As lips crackle in the oven and spit, and cheekbones stick out from the skin while your legs are stamping out the mess that they kicked apart in the first place.

I’m writing, I’m writing I’m writhing I’m driving I’m flying I’m sighing I’m tying, up all the loose ends to make a knot which sits inside my stomach for days when Im too nervous to speak or stand or swim out of this crevasse that I have jmped into. I’m drying off the sweat that has made itself present on my lips and on my forehead, dripping down my back. I’m crying out in joy once this day is over so I can retreat into subtleness and ambiguity, just for… Read more