Teeth aching, mind rotting Mind aching, teeth rotting. stop, drop. Stop drop, drip. Stop, drop and roll. Maybe stop, stiff, top stuff, stop the top stuff you stiff and drop and roll. Get real and hop and lull. Pop my top off.


A whine is heard in my distance. The distance that surrounds me, involving me, without me there is no distance surrounding. A terror has struck my street. It's burning and tearing and crushing and feeling, without feeling there can be no terror. Grit your teeth and feel your heart jump. Feel your legs shake and … Continue reading Shriek


I'm working on a scifi style time travelling adventure, with two co workers and a team of dinosaur slayers. Don't worry anybody, I got the time travelling time line sorted, I've got 1000 words down but Im looking at 7500 all up. By far one of my biggest projects to date, it's really just practice … Continue reading CHONZA