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Month: July 2018

Agua Luca (Fin)

Juan asked Albert what he was doing there, the ghost grinned slyly. Juan gathered what strength he could and stood up, the world waved around him but the apparition didn’t falter, Juan took the box away from Albert and it burnt his hands, he tried to open the box but it was to hot, he pushed it back towards Albert but Albert only stared at Juan. The box hit the ground and Gold, silver and precious stones were pouring out of it, first in increments, then, in a constant outpour… Read more Agua Luca (Fin)

Agua Luca (continued)

He didn’t want to cook tonight though, so he thought he might make his way down to the Joint. They (Juan and his two friends) called it the Joint because if they were all there at once, at least one of them was likely to get thrown in the drunk tank. Juan never felt like cooking and was always at the Joint, he doesn’t see his two friends often anymore. It suited him, because he had nothing to say. When he arrived at the Joint it was 6:30 the only… Read more Agua Luca (continued)

Agua Luca (introduction)

“Move! …I said move!” the seagulls paid no notice of the captain. Pfft a captain. Juan Ignom laughed at the title! He just didn’t want these damn birds shitting on his fucking boat. He’s no fucking captain, he’s just a man who owns a boat, it’s pitiful. A little boat on a little lake, he just made enough for dinner.

Candle and Coal

Candle and Coal Into blackness these souls drift you see them and they are so real you think you can save them but it is impossible that’s final. Resonating only with pain and sorrow; it won’t continue. Our love was a bold statement it’s now seemingly burning down into a stub like a candle stuck on a table that has only ever been scratched and graffitied on. Becoming nothingness, meaninglessness. It is subtle and it creeps and it lets you know it’s there and it’s going to wear you down… Read more Candle and Coal

A recommendation

Grinning, I let my teeth bare witness to the aching of this moment. And hope they show I mean well as I cringe at my own unfortunate state as without a shred of charisma I ooze out hopelesness as I talk to people I care about. In and deep Im sure it’ll be made better some day. Have you read A.B Faceys ‘A Fortunate Life’ I recommend it.