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Month: September 2018

Acquisition of a loss

The purse first surfaced intended to serve a purpose. As of late, So commonly holds less than what it’s worth is… Clutching it dearly, clearly it’s value makes her nervous. I observe it like a circus, Could it now be worse than worthless..?

Romanticize nature

The toughness we need To enjoy nature. Wind that blows my top off Thank you darling. More than a caress. Rocks & sticks that roll & jab. Ricks & stocks that rall & job. Racks & stacks that rill & jib. They used to be a part of something large. Waves roll across the grass as the light reflects the rapidity & fragility of life. Alert like Fire looking for what to consume next. Logs scatter the field drying out. Getting ready for the next big thing.


The next big thing for Angela is to make the world whisper her name and shudder at her immensity. A beautiful young lady with a heart of steel and an idea greater than all the rest. Her thoughts compunctuate whatever that means and she sets out to take on the world. Because it’s that simple dammit and she’ll be damned if it isn’t. She walks with purpose from her home town made of stone into the big city made of marble and thrusts her tired sore bloody dirty feet in… Read more Angela


A Short Poem By Luka.. If realities Simulated, May Tricks be exposed. See Pythons enlighten life or lies have eyes closed. A show… Cause and effect, Embedded or chose? If Free, Will you return? Burn Grams? Weigh the Pros. They’re Conning us… Read revenue from Pills, Truly Blew my mind.. Promise dishonest: “You’ll be cured with this new design.” Beneficiary been a factor, Think they suit a tie. Watch.. The flew rides through communities & truth’s denied.

New Author,

I’ve been thinking about how to make this website decent. As you can tell I’ve been slack and I don’t really have a great excuse. Perhaps because the website wasn’t exploding overnight. You can expect this website to shift and change over time. It might be in small increments, or it might be in radical and intense gestures. For now, I’ve added a new author to the mix, an old friend who I honestly didn’t hang out with enough. Get to know him over time, his lyrical prowess is far… Read more New Author,


And that sharp sweeping pain you feel across your chest. Not a chance in life you would let that affect your life. But now you’re bed ridden and aching and can hardly move. You would love to inspire by disregarding that pain. Let it ache away but you’re stuck weakened in disgrace. Ownership is yours and that’s what it is. A sharp sweeping pain across your chest.