Roping and waiting and lapping it up

Meagerly building an empire of my very own. Ode to the true days Where you could take what wasn't yours and let your seeds grow. Ode to the rope that binds me. Why haven't you moved me? Im waiting to be shoved off my throne into the dirt and have my stomach ripped open and … Continue reading Roping and waiting and lapping it up


The hook

The hook, the hook. let it slice and cut and bleed you out. Everybody is screaming for the hook to enter and rip. To scream is to bleed and you will. We all will. Deep, dark, live, snark. Sad, open, fairy tales seeding love into your dull life. lovely height lets you see more of … Continue reading The hook

The egg was laid in space.

I am getting my inspiration from the titles of obscure Scifi novels.  I hope this isn't illegal... It made its’ world in a moment by showing the world its colour. opaque in grimy destiny the egg seemed to yell “crack me, CRACK ME!” and its readiness brought destitution as no one wanted to hurt the egg. It came from space, it came from a wonderful space that was larger than you and I could even imagine.


Grinning with satisfaction The easel is empty, holding up air Growling with ambition. The palletes paint has dried. Its up on the wall you see, your fondness of life. Up there with the joys of laughter and moments of serenity. It sticks out because it's the last thing you painted and you used bold colours, … Continue reading Playing