The American Dreams of Australian Citizens

Our tainted love for America and its values eclipses what Australia promises; if anything was promised at all. As Australians, we should be ashamed of the continued inaction on our many haunting human rights issues and by all means, we should be (and some are) rioting in the streets against our governments total inability to … Continue reading The American Dreams of Australian Citizens

Modernising Workers Compensation in WA

As we speak, the Western Australian government is drafting a new bill to make Workers Compensation a more accessible law. Delivering on an election commitment, the McGowan government looks to utilise public consultation to modernise workers compensation in Western Australia. It looks like this bill will be introduced into parliament by the end of 2018, … Continue reading Modernising Workers Compensation in WA

Big Banks to Compensate for their Shady Mistakes

After three weeks of tribunal hearings, the royal commission into banking has outlined corruption and misconduct throughout all the major banks of Australia. The Commonwealth Bank has been encouraging mortgage brokers to oversell their loans, raise credit limits of gambling addicts and was even charging the deceased on their overdrawn accounts. NAB has been found doing … Continue reading Big Banks to Compensate for their Shady Mistakes