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Category: Poetry/prose


A Short Poem By Luka.. If realities Simulated, May Tricks be exposed. See Pythons enlighten life or lies have eyes closed. A show… Cause and effect, Embedded or chose? If Free, Will you return? Burn Grams? Weigh the Pros. They’re Conning us… Read revenue from Pills, Truly Blew my mind.. Promise dishonest: “You’ll be cured with this new design.” Beneficiary been a factor, Think they suit a tie. Watch.. The flew rides through communities & truth’s denied.

No title

Shivering with anticipation I fear, I might do something I regret. Pain on my hand that eeks down my wrist. So I’ll chop it off. Amputate before infection Spreads. If I let it,                       If I let it. God Forbid, I might die                      I might die. God Forbid, But time moves faster than infection and we all need to make a move. maybe, not all, but I do, I need to… Read more No title

It’s about a park ranger

The ranger sits there falling thinking he should put his cards on the table He waits for the right moment to lie down, he needs to lie down He makes air out of the water even though he wanted to drown He breathes in sadly making His chest shudder and swell He sits lonely thinking Why he resigned himself to this deadly hell And the snakes begin sliding towards him and falling from the roof And the wasps, frogs and locusts slip through the cracks in the floorboards and windows… Read more It’s about a park ranger


Drink it in as time leads it on till we stop acknowledging Into the moments that fleet for it’s there And your soul weeps into eternity for that built up tension you let escalate And we are, so we are, so we are. Oomph And now I’m melting into the sides of every shape these shapes collide as I slip through the cracks. And fall flat on a circle. Lights flicker on and off and on and off. Oomph My eyes swelter in the heat My mind tries to lift… Read more Reciprocated

Take A Walk Son.

Into the bush, we listen… As the water moves & slowly carves toward the city where we hold our hearts ransom. And the brown rocks and red dirt get covered and shifted and dispossessed. Leaves pile up uncertain how long they will be there. And Movement happens like a classical piece minus the love, minus the emotion. We breathe life and exhale into this world from the one screeching our names. And as we move innocently the wind brushes past with force that makes the might trees rumble and your… Read more Take A Walk Son.

Candle and Coal

Candle and Coal Into blackness these souls drift you see them and they are so real you think you can save them but it is impossible that’s final. Resonating only with pain and sorrow; it won’t continue. Our love was a bold statement it’s now seemingly burning down into a stub like a candle stuck on a table that has only ever been scratched and graffitied on. Becoming nothingness, meaninglessness. It is subtle and it creeps and it lets you know it’s there and it’s going to wear you down… Read more Candle and Coal

A recommendation

Grinning, I let my teeth bare witness to the aching of this moment. And hope they show I mean well as I cringe at my own unfortunate state as without a shred of charisma I ooze out hopelesness as I talk to people I care about. In and deep Im sure it’ll be made better some day. Have you read A.B Faceys ‘A Fortunate Life’ I recommend it.

Pain as an institution.

Mark my safety on a line between dredge and transparency Indicate where I’ll be in a year for the wellbeing of dependency Instigate a moment that will make me worry for a while End it for the time being and drink the tears of the nile Produce the openness that we need desperately Into each second, my friends I will leave I will be alone and, in a moment, I won’t have a scare. I will be alone and, in a moment, I won’t be a part of it. But… Read more Pain as an institution.