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Category: Poetry/prose

Go awol

I couldn’t join the airforce I wouldn’t join the navy And I don’t want the infantrymen to save me I’d turn my back on the boys in green white or yellow I’d rather walk right up to the baddies and say hello I’d help them when they scream In pain because of my actions Ordered to inflict hatred thank god for distractions The only difference you see is the name of our factions Signing up to end lives or aid evil in any way We weren’t brought up to take orders… Read more Go awol

Last mosquito

Full with no more appetite the bug flies away bZzz droning through the other repetitive sounds of the night,  it’s the only bZzz to be heard because this room held a massacre tonight in just a few short metres, decimating a whole family except one, lonely, despicable, satiated, goddamn annoying creature nasty when it’s sucking your blood nastier when it leaves with no remorse just like a leech or the RTA or a lazy friend who expects all and doesn’t work for himself. Sheesh yikes what a horrible creature we… Read more Last mosquito

show me

I don’t care if they are unhappy I’m just nothing I care if they are unhappy I’m not anything I’m just me Like stains on a table or a scab that won’t heal. I’m just here for memories that you can pick at when you feel empty and tight as well Make my day you can show me hell and all it stands with not just the horns and the pitchfork show me hell Give me an urge, Give me hellfire and brimstone give me all seven circles Show me… Read more show me