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Category: Short Stories

The Greenbacked Graveyard Monster

A B-grade story- For the fifth time that night Philip thought he saw a figure in the gloomy distance. If he stays in one spot it looks like a human standing or loitering, it could be smoking a cigarette or checking it’s watch.  Whenever he decided to investigate it, it would transform into a bush or a monument. Phil knows he is paranoid and he hates his shitty security job for exacerbating his thoughts. But it is the best paying job he has ever had and he wants to prove… Read more The Greenbacked Graveyard Monster


The next big thing for Angela is to make the world whisper her name and shudder at her immensity. A beautiful young lady with a heart of steel and an idea greater than all the rest. Her thoughts compunctuate whatever that means and she sets out to take on the world. Because it’s that simple dammit and she’ll be damned if it isn’t. She walks with purpose from her home town made of stone into the big city made of marble and thrusts her tired sore bloody dirty feet in… Read more Angela

Another story about Mina

The simple rays of sunshine blew the creeping forgetfulness to the forefront of Mina’s mind. She was hard on herself for it. She would justify it by saying to the people she loved that she wouldn’t forget the story you told her a week ago, but she would forget your birthday. It’s normal to be forgetful, probably… and life is normal and the world will continue its cycle even though at many moments Mina felt like it should just stop. Is life normal? it’s weird and painful at the best… Read more Another story about Mina

Take A Walk Son.

Into the bush, we listen… As the water moves & slowly carves toward the city where we hold our hearts ransom. And the brown rocks and red dirt get covered and shifted and dispossessed. Leaves pile up uncertain how long they will be there. And Movement happens like a classical piece minus the love, minus the emotion. We breathe life and exhale into this world from the one screeching our names. And as we move innocently the wind brushes past with force that makes the might trees rumble and your… Read more Take A Walk Son.

Chonza- Chapter 1: Crisis

A dull morning, the sun, like always, was covered by smog and acid rain clouds, “you wouldn’t know it was there if you were born yesterday” Jacobs’ would always say. You wouldn’t know anything if you were born yesterday, Michael thought, At least that was his general impression from all the newborns he has ever met, though he has only met one. It was Michaels’ impression that Jacobs isn’t very smart. The fertility of humans (and all animals for that matter) is so bleak that the population of all living… Read more Chonza- Chapter 1: Crisis