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Its been a while

Crashing into waves of gratitude, I find myself stumbling for an answer Handling happiness like its the straw that broke the camels back. Like it could be the last ditch effort for eternal bliss. Easing into the simple things because I am not one to regret anymore. My mistakes are mostly for the past. I own them fully Even if I don’t want to. Who cares about me in the past! I’m here now I’m here now! My mistakes are what makes me. Is there such a thing as a… Read more Its been a while

Intuition unheard..

Lately I’ve been in to wishing my intuition was better Maybe it is, but I don’t listen or whatever.. Instead a logical thought’s replaced by emotion Deep reflection in the open.. Trust the process is clever. The Schizophrenic and Mystic frequent the same Ocean.. One drowns and one swims. Ones poison’s anothers potion. Throughout life’s lessons I’ve been tryna keep the tokens, But at times they get lost in the commotion…

Yeah, right….

I try to clear my mind before I leave for my walk. The walk doesn’t clear it either. I’m wearing a black shirt and the heat beats down on me insufferably, this must be what it’s like? So I take it off. My white skin will pay it’s retribution to the sun later. My black shirt was protecting my body from flies that begin to become a problem in the spring. So I put it back on, thank god I’m allowed to choose whether to wear it or not. That’s… Read more Yeah, right….

Blood of kings, arteries of slaves

Look at your face. We have never been more equal. With this blue blood pumping through our veins. Can you feel it? And we wear velvet slippers as we beat a path on the forest floor. We are a tangible force and there is no real reason why anyone is bigger or better anymore. Except maybe height or strength? But does that matter anymore? Let’s talk about earning capacity? But does that matter anymore? UBI We all share the same blood, and with each newborn we will share it even… Read more Blood of kings, arteries of slaves

Big Jobs

The big jobs for the guys with big gobs. Up there in their ivory towers with glass ceilings. They glare up at the gods, envious. Green with envy and greed. Walking around with the tips of their flaccid penises hanging out of their flies. Ready to fuck the world. And there are flies everywhere! indicating the cesspit they reside in. Big Jobs for the guys with big gobs.

Shower Poetry

So there they are! My cards fall gracelessly on the table. To be read by all. I’m not worried, I’m just well fed. If I was worried, I’d be crying or dead. My eyes betray my secrets. That I never had. Or that I wish I believe I didn’t. What’s the difference? Tell me quickly. Believing you don’t have any secrets or… knowing you don’t have any secrets. But cards are more boring and bloodsport’s exciting! This heart has been open Like an operating table with spectators like a sport.… Read more Shower Poetry


The world is at my fingertips and they bleed frustration as I tap to the tap tap tap of the times. I realise that opportunities are missed as I stare and stare stare stare into the void of too much information. I move clumsily through this sphere that is saturated and I have no chance of being seen, I mean really seen. And life trickles on as the World around me shrinks and I stay the same, blowing into the wind nothingness because it doesn’t really matter anymore. Hopelessness as… Read more Strawberries