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No Ice Please

What’s right? The moral lesser being vanquished? What’s right? Building a castle on stolen land? What’s right? A movement on the soil of the dead. What would you like with your whiskey sir? Just ice. Would you like a dash of water? sure. So you don’t want ‘just’ ice. obviously not. What do you want? I want anything I can get my grubby mits on thank you.

Let’s go.

Our evolution, Built upon our souls or our souls built upon it. What came first? In a blip of time we make waves from caves so important, is it? It’s easy to discredit Brought it all for a moment with you, and our connection. More for this.

Judgement Day

Involving yourself in the ocean of consciousness invokes meaning throughout our measly lives. Measly in the way that it is probably insignificant, but could be greater (I’m not sure.) And Judgement! is only pure when it is in the moment, in the context & only God can judge. Moment and context meaning we can’t judge someone for their actions if we don’t know or understand their culture or upbringing. So, god only judges in the context, because God is pure. If God is within all of us than we all… Read more Judgement Day

It’s all history…

And time just stopped, a moment you can grasp finally an inch of a clock that you can almost get your hands on. Built from the ground up The clock tower will always boom It’s salutation to time and it’s non-essence. For there is no else but yourself’s self as the minute hands continue Encroaching on your damn goals. There is still more to do always more to do, always unflinching in the way life isn’t sometimes. But for time to beat its waves to create A steely past That… Read more It’s all history…

The Tides of Masculinity

Bigger than the best. Lean against that building and feel your resentment grow. We gotta move it punk ass. We are the perfect human. Emotionally invulnerable The number one sky is the limit kinda guys. We are polite and are in touch with our feelings that we quash. and we also stand when a lady enters the room. How stale. What if the lady has an adams apple, do you still stand? Audeamus drama used to be a farmer. But fight to save the larder. We used to be hunters.… Read more The Tides of Masculinity

Acquisition of a loss

The purse first surfaced intended to serve a purpose. As of late, So commonly holds less than what it’s worth is… Clutching it dearly, clearly it’s value makes her nervous. I observe it like a circus, Could it now be worse than worthless..?

Romanticize nature

The toughness we need To enjoy nature. Wind that blows my top off Thank you darling. More than a caress. Rocks & sticks that roll & jab. Ricks & stocks that rall & job. Racks & stacks that rill & jib. They used to be a part of something large. Waves roll across the grass as the light reflects the rapidity & fragility of life. Alert like Fire looking for what to consume next. Logs scatter the field drying out. Getting ready for the next big thing.


The next big thing for Angela is to make the world whisper her name and shudder at her immensity. A beautiful young lady with a heart of steel and an idea greater than all the rest. Her thoughts compunctuate whatever that means and she sets out to take on the world. Because it’s that simple dammit and she’ll be damned if it isn’t. She walks with purpose from her home town made of stone into the big city made of marble and thrusts her tired sore bloody dirty feet in… Read more Angela