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A Short Poem By Luka.. If realities Simulated, May Tricks be exposed. See Pythons enlighten life or lies have eyes closed. A show… Cause and effect, Embedded or chose? If Free, Will you return? Burn Grams? Weigh the Pros. They’re Conning us… Read revenue from Pills, Truly Blew my mind.. Promise dishonest: “You’ll be cured with this new design.” Beneficiary been a factor, Think they suit a tie. Watch.. The flew rides through communities & truth’s denied.

New Author,

I’ve been thinking about how to make this website decent. As you can tell I’ve been slack and I don’t really have a great excuse. Perhaps because the website wasn’t exploding overnight. You can expect this website to shift and change over time. It might be in small increments, or it might be in radical and intense gestures. For now, I’ve added a new author to the mix, an old friend who I honestly didn’t hang out with enough. Get to know him over time, his lyrical prowess is far… Read more New Author,


And that sharp sweeping pain you feel across your chest. Not a chance in life you would let that affect your life. But now you’re bed ridden and aching and can hardly move. You would love to inspire by disregarding that pain. Let it ache away but you’re stuck weakened in disgrace. Ownership is yours and that’s what it is. A sharp sweeping pain across your chest.

Another story about Mina

The simple rays of sunshine blew the creeping forgetfulness to the forefront of Mina’s mind. She was hard on herself for it. She would justify it by saying to the people she loved that she wouldn’t forget the story you told her a week ago, but she would forget your birthday. It’s normal to be forgetful, probably… and life is normal and the world will continue its cycle even though at many moments Mina felt like it should just stop. Is life normal? it’s weird and painful at the best… Read more Another story about Mina

No title

Shivering with anticipation I fear, I might do something I regret. Pain on my hand that eeks down my wrist. So I’ll chop it off. Amputate before infection Spreads. If I let it,                       If I let it. God Forbid, I might die                      I might die. God Forbid, But time moves faster than infection and we all need to make a move. maybe, not all, but I do, I need to… Read more No title

It’s about a park ranger

The ranger sits there falling thinking he should put his cards on the table He waits for the right moment to lie down, he needs to lie down He makes air out of the water even though he wanted to drown He breathes in sadly making His chest shudder and swell He sits lonely thinking Why he resigned himself to this deadly hell And the snakes begin sliding towards him and falling from the roof And the wasps, frogs and locusts slip through the cracks in the floorboards and windows… Read more It’s about a park ranger