Indifference, like a poem.

we are all

I’m not where you are.

Function & form
Function & Form by Joshua Ian Cowley,

I have not felt your pain
thus not in a position to comfort or withdraw support.

The world is an oyster, that was left on the rock too long.
The world is dripping out pus and misery, barrel & stock.
flock, stock, stocktake, take the numbers down.
Because that’s what it comes down to.

Lets’ hoard,
we’re all absolutely flawed at the unimaginable terror, that is ongoing and has been ongoing…
since we found greed.
and we build and build upon buildings in rubble and stones.
and we bomb and bomb.
and we bomb and bomb.
so the buildings turn into rubble and stones and our people live out of caves, and we weren’t even the chance to behave.
We had a second to run.
We said no to bullets but they still passed through us.
We had a second to run.
We said no to chemicals but they still burned our skin and asphyxiated our children.
We had a second to run.
I think God wants us to handle a rifle.
We had a second to run.