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Tag: poetry. prose. life. bush

Old Clearing

Occasionally a bone would speck this clearing, relatively shiny white and new. Everythings relatively new, this old cattle ground is only old because it once was a cattle ground. It seems life and death is decided here quite often, it still is natures battleground. This clearing is nature now too, as ants cover it and logs, dispossessed – and emus in the early morning. Nature is monstrous, even on this dull cloudy grey day. Nature has birds singing and trees rustling. And a roo standing in the distance listening for… Read more Old Clearing

Take A Walk Son.

Into the bush, we listen… As the water moves & slowly carves toward the city where we hold our hearts ransom. And the brown rocks and red dirt get covered and shifted and dispossessed. Leaves pile up uncertain how long they will be there. And Movement happens like a classical piece minus the love, minus the emotion. We breathe life and exhale into this world from the one screeching our names. And as we move innocently the wind brushes past with force that makes the might trees rumble and your… Read more Take A Walk Son.