H, S, K & T

As stomachs rumble over the east,
and eye sockets shrink so eyeballs stare
While the lungs have taken in all the air
and are refusing to breathe out.

As shoulders have forgotten how to twist,
and hands have gotten so large they grip hell
While ice fills the mouths of the forgotten,
turning into water while freezing their teeth.

As lips crackle in the oven and spit,
and cheekbones stick out from the skin
while your legs are stamping out the mess
that they kicked apart in the first place.


Walking with Sprites


Art by Arna Baartz @ http://www.artofkundalini.com

“Alright, let’s go,” the man said to his little pup, and they walked out of the yard and onto the sidewalk.
It was getting dark, but the man thought he’d be back in time and you don’t need sunlight to walk your dog.
He was proud of how the dog was walking beside him and following his commands, he had never done anything well in his life, but he can train a dog.
He decided to take the back route home, jumped over a fence (the dog climbed under) and walked along the dusty fire track behind all the houses.
It was dark now and he couldn’t see a thing, each backyard was long and covered with trees and he wasn’t sure which house was his.
When he had finally given up hope, he saw a tall thin statuesque being in one of the yards. He thought he recognized it from somewhere, he approached it.
As he was moving towards it, the being began to sway and the very essence of it would flicker.
He called out, “hello?” and the being flickered at that and returned the greeting in a soft childlike voice and vanished.
It immediately appeared directly in front of him.
His dog ran away.
It was a beautiful woman; her features were sharp, and she was taller than anyone he had ever met.
She kissed him and told him to come back tomorrow.
He wouldn’t, he had a wife and he loved her more than fantasy.

A little love poem

When you held my hand for the first time…your beauty and innocence reckoned with me.

It showed me the joy and devotion in your heart. An everlasting joy, the be all and end all. You be all of beauty. You be all of dedication. You be all of the wondrousness of you!

No sadness shall end me as I gaze into your meaning and devour any morsel you possess and wish to give me.

We are no more less than

We’re more than a no more bigger than.

If you understand, I could face my views due East towards the sunset.

But it will probably circle right back onto myself, like a dog chewing its tail.

Or a goldfish trapped in a bowl

Or a regular human being working day to day in some shitty dead end job whilst they believe if they probably just had a little more backbone, or motivation, or style they might succeed.

Succeed how? Like get a promotion now? Get a better job now? Go to school right now! Now!

This is boring, but probably correct.

Corrects usually boring, if not satisfying it’s usually boring.

Bad guys finish first because they aren’t correct right?

Why do we know who Capone is? But not the guy that took him down? You know who he was? Some tax man with a penchant for numbers, beautiful.

We care about Capone, not a tax guy and that’s final.

Wrong is right and correct is boring.

So slink around and do something dirty, wash your hands and feel it slide off.

You know what I’m talking about…

That grime, that sludge, that grim grimy grime and that sludgy sludge all over your hopeless hands and there you are, the bad guy, the sinner simply washing off all that muck.

I’m good, honest.

I have read all day.

I have cooked a nice breakfast.

I have paid my bills.

You think of the rapid world, that’s nowhere near me.

I can barely hear a motor, it’s peaceful here, see.

My dog is nice company, I don’t think I will ever be alone again.

I am surrounded by love each day I don’t think I will reach for a stone again.

There are flies buzzing outside, but thats probably my dogs bones.

Credit recieved where credit is due.

I wish they would leave me alone but I suppose they are hear for a reason, maybe to buzz into an ice cube, who knows.

I am rapidly content, feeling up the world at my own pace, I hope I get to go all the way. I hope we get to go all the way, together.

Thanks for reading