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Tag: poetry


A gumnut branch still full of life rests on a broken tree A plastic bottle shines. Bones of ancients rest like the shoulders of our giants. A red roo the size of you stares me down the path. He watches for a moment, jumps away,  Thankful he let me pass. Shadows of skeletons rest on the sundried stump showing the suns strength. The blackened patterns on for the show, Stretch and shrink in length.  A pink seatless bicycle with shiny white tyres. No grips on the handlebars except two zip-ties. … Read more 28/02/2019

Shower Poetry

So there they are! My cards fall gracelessly on the table. To be read by all. I’m not worried, I’m just well fed. If I was worried, I’d be crying or dead. My eyes betray my secrets. That I never had. Or that I wish I believe I didn’t. What’s the difference? Tell me quickly. Believing you don’t have any secrets or… knowing you don’t have any secrets. But cards are more boring and bloodsport’s exciting! This heart has been open Like an operating table with spectators like a sport.… Read more Shower Poetry


And the sunlight strikes me as I sit and the Bees fill the valley with the monotonous joy that is work. Loyalty forces my heart to beat with happiness Panting beneath my feet, this is a soul worthy of love. Catching flies in my wake like a dedicated soldier. My heart beats with happiness. Someone who loves me My flaws awake doubt She holds my love dear Her heart is pure gold. Mine has colours stretched. She loves my difference. In my heart I know Her love makes me glow That… Read more Lucky

It’s all history…

And time just stopped, a moment you can grasp finally an inch of a clock that you can almost get your hands on. Built from the ground up The clock tower will always boom It’s salutation to time and it’s non-essence. For there is no else but yourself’s self as the minute hands continue Encroaching on your damn goals. There is still more to do always more to do, always unflinching in the way life isn’t sometimes. But for time to beat its waves to create A steely past That… Read more It’s all history…

No title

Shivering with anticipation I fear, I might do something I regret. Pain on my hand that eeks down my wrist. So I’ll chop it off. Amputate before infection Spreads. If I let it,                       If I let it. God Forbid, I might die                      I might die. God Forbid, But time moves faster than infection and we all need to make a move. maybe, not all, but I do, I need to… Read more No title

H, S, K & T

As stomachs rumble over the east, and eye sockets shrink so eyeballs stare While the lungs have taken in all the air and are refusing to breathe out. As shoulders have forgotten how to twist, and hands have gotten so large they grip hell While ice fills the mouths of the forgotten, turning into water while freezing their teeth. As lips crackle in the oven and spit, and cheekbones stick out from the skin while your legs are stamping out the mess that they kicked apart in the first place.