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Tag: prose

Yeah, right….

I try to clear my mind before I leave for my walk. The walk doesn’t clear it either. I’m wearing a black shirt and the heat beats down on me insufferably, this must be what it’s like? So I take it off. My white skin will pay it’s retribution to the sun later. My black shirt was protecting my body from flies that begin to become a problem in the spring. So I put it back on, thank god I’m allowed to choose whether to wear it or not. That’s… Read more Yeah, right….

Shower Poetry

So there they are! My cards fall gracelessly on the table. To be read by all. I’m not worried, I’m just well fed. If I was worried, I’d be crying or dead. My eyes betray my secrets. That I never had. Or that I wish I believe I didn’t. What’s the difference? Tell me quickly. Believing you don’t have any secrets or… knowing you don’t have any secrets. But cards are more boring and bloodsport’s exciting! This heart has been open Like an operating table with spectators like a sport.… Read more Shower Poetry

It’s all history…

And time just stopped, a moment you can grasp finally an inch of a clock that you can almost get your hands on. Built from the ground up The clock tower will always boom It’s salutation to time and it’s non-essence. For there is no else but yourself’s self as the minute hands continue Encroaching on your damn goals. There is still more to do always more to do, always unflinching in the way life isn’t sometimes. But for time to beat its waves to create A steely past That… Read more It’s all history…

No title

Shivering with anticipation I fear, I might do something I regret. Pain on my hand that eeks down my wrist. So I’ll chop it off. Amputate before infection Spreads. If I let it,                       If I let it. God Forbid, I might die                      I might die. God Forbid, But time moves faster than infection and we all need to make a move. maybe, not all, but I do, I need to… Read more No title

Candle and Coal

Candle and Coal Into blackness these souls drift you see them and they are so real you think you can save them but it is impossible that’s final. Resonating only with pain and sorrow; it won’t continue. Our love was a bold statement it’s now seemingly burning down into a stub like a candle stuck on a table that has only ever been scratched and graffitied on. Becoming nothingness, meaninglessness. It is subtle and it creeps and it lets you know it’s there and it’s going to wear you down… Read more Candle and Coal

The egg was laid in space.

I am getting my inspiration from the titles of obscure Scifi novels. 
I hope this isn’t illegal…

It made its’ world in a moment by showing the world its colour.
opaque in grimy destiny the egg seemed to yell “crack me, CRACK ME!”
and its readiness brought destitution as no one wanted to hurt the egg.
It came from space, it came from a wonderful space that was larger than you and I could even imagine.